Friday, August 26, 2011

remembering through the years.....

15 years ago when I first married my hubby we enjoyed many meals of Hamburger helper. So this week as I was walking through Walmart, I saw the new Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac by Velveeta meals which really resemble Hamburger Helper. I decided that I would make this lovely dish because we all really like Velveeta cheese. This was really funny because it was the week of our anniversary and I swear we had more meals of Hamburger the first two years we were married than anything else. I remember at one time we had 15 boxes.... all a different flavor.

So I made this little dish. I mean by no means it a gourmet meal, but it was okay. In the words of my 12 year old...this is good and it would be good when you are in a rush. LOL!!! My hubby liked it also. Bleeze, the 6 year be honest... he gagged. He gags on everything.....(except chicken and piza) So overall I guess this is a "like". I mean it is NOT something I would want all the time but would make again!

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